Style Guide

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These colors have been created using Global Swatches. If you edit the Global Swatch color, it will change every element that uses that color swatch.
Primary - 500
Primary - 400
Primary - 300
Dark - 500
Dark - 400
Dark - 300
Dark - 200
Dark - 100
Light - 100
Light - 200
Light - 300
Light - 400
Primary - 500


You'll see that these typography elements don't have classes. That's because on this page, we want to edit the styles after selecting "All H1 Headings" for example, so that it will effect all the elements on the site. To do this, select the H1 below, click where it says "Select a Class or Tag" and select "All H1 Headings" at the bottom of the list.

I'm thinking I'm back.

Heading 1 - Bold, 72 px, 105%, -1.6 px

I'm thinking I'm back.

Heading 2 - Bold, 60 px, 106%, -1.2 px

I'm thinking I'm back.

Heading 3 - Bold, 48 px, 108%, -0.8 px

I'm thinking I'm back.

Heading 4 - Bold, 36 px, 112%, -0.4 px
I'm thinking I'm back.
Heading 5 - Bold, 24 px, 125%
I'm thinking I'm back.
Heading 6 - Bold, 18 px, 155%


These are all the buttons that are used in this project. Editing them will reflect the changes on all the other buttons of the project too.

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