5 Quick Home Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners

5 Quick Home Maintenance Tips for Busy Homeowners
June 9, 2023


Ah, the joys of home ownership. Sure, it's a lot of work to keep up with your home, but that doesn't mean you should ignore basic maintenance tasks. In fact, when you don't do these things regularly you run the risk of getting stuck with costly and unexpected repairs down the line. So whether you have time or not (and let's be honest: most of us don't) here are five quick and easy ways to maintain your home so that it lasts longer and keeps running smoothly:

Clean your gutters.

A lot of homeowners forget about their gutters, but they're the first line of defense against water damage. If your gutters are dirty, they can't do their job properly and stop water from getting into your home's foundation.

To prevent this from happening, it's important to keep a close eye on them and clean them regularly (and before winter hits!). To do so:

  • Clean out any debris that has collected in there over time with a leaf rake or similar tool. If you don't have one handy, use some long-handled gloves so that you don't accidentally get any sand or rocks stuck under your fingernails while doing this task!
  • Use an extension pole with a brush attachment at its end if there are leaves stuck in between slats; just be careful not to poke yourself!

Check your attic insulation.

In the winter, insulation helps keep your home warm. In the summer, it keeps it cool. So if you're a homeowner who's looking to save money on energy bills and reduce their environmental impact, be sure to check your attic insulation (and other areas). The easiest way to do this is by using a thermal imaging camera like FLIR One or Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera with Built-In Thermometer; both are available at Amazon for under $300.

  • Insulation should be installed in an attic floor.
  • Insulation should also be installed in walls between floors in multi-story homes or buildings--basically, anywhere there's open space where air from outside can circulate freely through cracks around windows or doors without being blocked off by something else first (like drywall). If possible try not only sealing up these spaces but also adding some extra layers so nothing gets through! You'll thank yourself later when it comes time for spring cleaning day."

Clean your air filters.

If you're a busy homeowner, chances are there are a few things on your to-do list that don't sound very exciting. It’s likely that cleaning air filters in your home is probably one of them. However, this task is actually very important--not only can it help improve indoor air quality but also save you money!

  • How often should I clean my air filters?

The answer depends on several factors including: how many people live in your home and their ages; whether pets or smokers live in the home; what type of heating and cooling system is used (e.g., natural gas versus electric); where the filter(s) are located relative to dust sources such as windows or doors opening/closing frequently during travel seasons like summertime. The good news is that most manufacturers recommend replacing filters every 1-3 months depending on usage patterns so pay close attention to your manufacturers’ guidelines to best extend your HVAC system’s serviceable life.

Check your water heater temperature settings.

If you're a homeowner, chances are that at some point in your life, you've had to deal with a broken water heater. It's not fun--and it can cost hundreds of dollars to repair or replace. But there are a few things you can do to keep your hot water flowing smoothly and avoid disaster. First up: check the temperature setting on your water heater. If it's too hot or too cold, adjust it accordingly until things feel right (the ideal temperature range is between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit).

Next up: take note of how hot or cold your tap water feels when it comes out of the faucet. If it seems especially warm or cool compared with other people's homes in similar climates--or if heating bills seem abnormally high--there may be an issue with insulation around pipes inside the house itself rather than anything related specifically to heating systems themselves. Properly insulating these pipes can seriously help to lower utility bills so it’s an effort well worth your time.

Have a professional clean your dryer vent to prevent fires.

You may have heard that you should clean the lint filter in your dryer after every load. But did you know that it's also important to have a professional clean out your dryer vent? A clogged or dirty vent can lead to fires, which happen more often than you might think.

If you're not sure whether or not your vent needs cleaning, look for any of these signs:

  1. Your clothes take longer than usual to dry--or never really seem dry at all;
  2. You notice musty smells coming from inside the machine;
  3. Clothes come out wrinkled or damp after being dried; or
  4. The machine makes loud noises while running.

It's important to keep up with basic home maintenance, even if you're busy

If you're a busy homeowner, it can be tempting to skip out on the little things because life is busy. But when it comes to home maintenance, the little things add up fast. If you don't keep up with basic maintenance tasks (like changing your furnace filter), something big will eventually break down and cost thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement parts.

It's easy for homeowners who are busy with work or family obligations to put off simple tasks like changing air filters or checking faucets for leaks until they have more time--but this only leads to bigger problems down the line. By taking care of these small jobs yourself now, rather than waiting until they turn into emergencies later on, you'll save both time and money in the long run while keeping your home comfortable and safe!


If you’re a homeowner and you need help keeping all of your maintenance tasks organized, check out our offerings at Moatkeeper. We can help you to build a maintenance system that keeps you on track.

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